Review CROBOT “Welcome To Fat City” (by Droll)

Review CROBOT “Welcome To Fat City” (by Droll)

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Crobot “Welcome To Fat City”
Nuclear Blast Records

To gain such a fame like Crobot for the band that exist only five years and play music in not so popular genre like hard rock is quite unique. However it needs to say that their fame gained deservedly. While many bands telling about «bring back passion into rock music», Crobot just doing it. Previous LP Something Supernatural was greatly perceived by people on countless gigs and festivals, and now, two years later, there is a time for a new record –  Welcome To Fat City.

The first thing that worth to mention is a sound. It isn’t studio-sleek, but it has the great atmosphere of live shows. Vocalist Brandon Yeagley tells: «We played so many shows since Something Supernatural came out. Going into Welcome To Fat City, we knew what worked on stage and what didn’t from the last record. First and foremost, we boil down to a live band. If something doesn’t feel good up there, we push it aside. That helped pave the way for this new music». To a large extent, this sound was made also by Machine, who worked with such bands as Lamb of God and Clutch.

Talking about music itself, this is hellish mix of dirty rock-n-roll, blues and a little funk. Add to this great, expressive Brandon Yeagley’s vocals, and you will get those one, forgotten hard-rock, full of emotions and passion. Chris Bishop’s rich guitar sound is framed by various effects. The riffs are also changing from song to song: groovy hard-rock (“Welcome To Fat City”, “Not For Sale”), more funky (“Easy Money”) and even something close to doom/sludge Plague Of The Mammoth”). Paul Figueroa’s precise drums will nail the songs straight into listener’s brain and Jake Figueroa’s fat, clearly highlighted bass makes music as groovy as possible.

Few words about album’s name, according to the band themselves: «In 1970, Hunter S. Thompson infamously campaigned to be elected Sheriff of Aspen. He proposed that the snowy locale’s name be changed to “Fat City” in order to, “prevent greedheads, land-rapers and other human jackals from capitalizing on the name ‘Aspen’.” He lost the election, but a short 46 years later, his proposed moniker would perfectly suit Crobot’s second full-length album».

Well, as it said (not once) Welcome To Fat City is well made album, full of emotions. And one more proof that Crobot‘s recognition is absolutely deserved.

The album will be released on September, 23 by Nuclear Blast Records.

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