Review: DARKTHRONE “Arctic Thunder”

Review: DARKTHRONE “Arctic Thunder”

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darkthrone-arDarkthrone – Arctic Thunder [2016]

Oh damnnnnnnnnnnnn. Darkthrone new album is out now. Peaceville Records [2016]

After ‘The Underground Resistance’’ here we a have the latest work of this duo symbol Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. Guys I am very very impressed since the first listening by the exclusive track ‘’Tundra Leech’’. I am telling you my very first impressions of the track. A magnificent guitar sound that keeps the sign and the unique and very original sound of the early Darkthrone albums. I want to underline this fact. The guitar sound is so clean, so metal, so cold, so sharp. I like this guitar sound so much. Simply heavy, cold and primitive. And don’t know if primitive would be the right term to define this guitar. Maybe this is simply heavy and also robust sound, well played in a very accurate style but also well structurated. I don’t know if you have noticed but I can hear a guitar sound that flourishes from the coldest lands of Norway, it’s ‘’bio ‘’, it’s something that flourishes wildly under the dark grey cold skies of Norway. It’s something that keeps this track fresh till the last seconds.

The work on drums too is colossal, directed by a wild cold Nordic spirit. Hell yeah, I have a strange feeling about the drums, yes, it’s almost hard sometimes to compare or define them, their sound ‘’alla Fenriz’’  with his natural wolfish energy, a thrashy mood and attitude component of playing the drums in his own style. I like this track, I like it.

Guys, you won’t be disappointed, really. I can say these first minutes are making me think that the new material is on his own right way. Cold, clean, heavy, thrashy. May I say it? It’s another shining bright reflection in the Nordic ‘’aurora borealis’’ skies. I wanna say it.

Listening  this “Tundra Leech” is like reinventing the cold and thrashy Darkthrotaste which is the essence of The Black Metal Nordic pride in a few seconds. It’s a return obviously. A struggle between early days and the metamorphosis through the existence of time. Preserving the cold spirit and the evilness of the Nordic Black Metal roots it’s really an inner self ‘’silent duel’’. I mean these guys are launching a terrific cold new material with valuablemarks of professionalism. Why not be satisfied? I am since the first seconds so impressed. There’s a mix of coldness and thrashy passages, but at the end it’s a cold atmosphere in which you’ll explore the ravage and the dynamic passages so well preserved on the DNA of Darkthrone.

There’s a track I really enjoyed so much, it’s entitled ‘’Burial Bliss’’, it’s one of the best tracks in my opinion. I don’t want to say that other tracks aren’t but this track is really what suits to my tastes, raw sound, cold atmosphere and the vocals are realy in accordance to this atmosphere. I am not saying neither that other tracks aren’t at the same level, but this is cold as the arctic.

Ready to unleash the wolves through the tundra? The best of the best in this album. I am listening and relistening this. It’s in the vein of their DNA the atmosphere created, the northern landscapes crystallized by this inspiring hymn.

The same idea I created too on another track entitled ‘’Deep Lake Tresspass’’. This album smells ‘’bio-nord-natural-landscape’’ from the beginning till the end. It’s an opus to the wild landscapes and the evil dark side which forged constantly to the soul of Darkthrone.

It’s the latest ‘’Chef d’oeuvre’’ launched as a misanthropic wolf in the arctic. This album has a logic and a temperament of his own. Those who are still in doubt, in fact shouldn’t be.

This album is again a new character to know, a landscape to enjoy, it has got an old school essence that never fades away. It’s a memorable hymn under the veil of the arctic coldness. It preserves what the past was and what the original style was and still is. It’s  an album to own. It’a new Darkthrone new album that deserves attention, respect and a kind of a good attitude of what you’re going to listen.

It’s not so easy to interpret and to ‘’decrypt’’ ‘’Arctic Thunder’’. There’s a reason. Those who have only listened perhaps ‘’A Blaze In The Northern Sky’’, ‘’Under A Funeral Moon’’ and haven’t still listened all their material in continuity will have some difficulties discovering the new paths Darkthrone are exploring and walking through.

This band is not a copy/paste project to get self satisfaction through album launching jokes. They have a profile which is an emblem to Black Metal scene all around the planet. This is not a joke. Those who think Darkthrone are only a Black Metal cliché are going wrong. Darkthrone are the symbol and  a serious Black Metal band that offers persistence and originality in all senses. This new album is a ‘’slap in the face’’ to all those who have doubts on Darkthrone creativity. All over these years they have created their path, their art and their style. Nobody can doubt on this.

So, definitely the new album to me is inspiring. It’s simply great to listen Darkthrone with ‘’no gloves’’, because listening the new album will lead you in a new/old circle, exploring and rexploring what Darkthrone was and is. It’s  a journey. You have been there, and you still are. I am trying to say that Darkthrone are always Darkthrone. Have no doubts on this. I really recommend to own this album. I really enjoyed it.

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