Review: Dawn of Demise “The Suffering”

Review: Dawn of Demise “The Suffering”

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Dawn of Demise “The Suffering”
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It’s time to visit Denmark. It isn’t big country and scene there also isn’t extremely huge. But the truth is that there always were good bands! I’ll don’t mention the best in opinion of really many people Metal singer ever who’s Danish or some legendary band where he was singing (and maybe in the future will be again).  But the truth is that this little Scandinavian country had/has representatives with really high quality in every sub-genre of Metal! Maybe there weren’t many of them, but INVOCATER, ILL-DISPOSED (especially early one), DENIAL OF GOD.

The same is of course with Death Metal as well. DAWN OF DEMISE is, as on the band, in the middle age – date of birth is 2003. There were some changes in line-up, to be honest there was quite many of them – medium frequency of it is a little more than two years. Especially position of drummer was here “hot chair”. So the only original members of the band are bassist Bjørn Jensen and guitarist Martin Sørensen. Also vocalist Scott Jensen is in the band almost from the beginning (2004). Probably that’s why D. O. D. hasn’t many releases on their account. But the old truth is that the most important is quality, not number. And I totally agree with that! It’s better to release more rarely, but with quality than to release often, but shits.

“The Suffering” isn’t maybe some masterpiece as well. But it’s still very good Death Metal album! We have here all what every maniac (or even just fan) of this sub-genre of Metal would like to hear. Music is rather in middle tempos with quite often speed-ups. I’ll don’t compare it to any band. Firstly you can do it after listening to this album as well. And, what has even bigger meaning for me, secondly I never liked to do this, especially in reviews coz it’d be taking the easy way out. So riffs here aren’t very broken, but still brutal and full of hatred. They change as often as it should be to make music interesting enough, but not too complicated (what happens to some bands which want to play technically). From time to time we can hear some tin thistles or something what I’d call solos (that aren’t classical solos in meaning of guitarist’s technical displays which sometimes impress just art for art, too. Drums beat also in classic way – various, with some changes of tempo and blasts sometimes. Scott’s growling is also just like it should be in Death Metal band. It’s brutal, makes impression that comes directly from entrails, but it’s understandable in the same time. Sometimes Bjørn also show us what he can – his growling is a little different, but we can say the same thing about it as above.

Well, lest to sustain – if you like Death Metal in its classic form than this stuff is just for you!!!


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