Review: Dawnpatrol “The Dawn of Steel”

Review: Dawnpatrol “The Dawn of Steel”

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Dawnpatrol “The Dawn of Steel”
Nuclearmageddon Records

Ok, this album is actually about a year old, but it’s only just made its way to Antichrist HQ… and going back in time, is quite apt for this album.

Never mind going back a year, this album is rooted in 80s Thrash and it ain’t budging an inch.

Hailing from France, Dawnpatrol have immersed themselves in the cold war of the 80s and their chosen brand of retro action is, and I quote “Post nuclear Thrash Metal”. So think atomic wars, zombie invasions and Mad Max.

But throwing a few catchwords into the mix actually means fuck all in terms of what they sound like… so translating the hyperbole into layman’s terms… this is a gnarly brand of Thrash that kind of veers into early Black/Death.

It has a sort of sloppy feel to it as well, but I think that’s down to the production on the drums, which may be better than St Anger’s drum sound, but the sound won’t be winning any awards… same deal for the guitar solos… they sound sloppy and I’m sure they are out of tune at times…

But you know what, it matters not. As this album is full of charm.

I like the fact that it’s a bit rough around the ages. It’s primitive Thrash, and that’s its appeal.
I don’t think the feel that 80s Thrash gives off will ever wane, not for me at least. And that moment in time is captured perfectly here.

C’est parfait.

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