Review: Decembre Noir “The Renaissance Of Hope” [Lifeforce Records]

Review: Decembre Noir “The Renaissance Of Hope” [Lifeforce Records]

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With an epic feel and spacious atmosphere, Decembre Noir craft a unique sound with their newest release, The Renaissance of Hope. Emotional depth and heavy grooves mingle together in a testament to the group’s songwriting ability.

The production of the album is absolutely stunning. Crisp and clean as fresh snow, there is absolutely no muddying of the waters. Instead the mix heavily utilizes empty space to expand the sonic reaches of the sound. Every note rings out with perfect clarity, being allowed the rooms to breath that each instrument really needs. This is an album that could have absolutely worked as a dark, condensed, wall of noise type affair, but the decision to go in the opposite direction takes the album’s sound to the next level.

The album consists of a wide variety of sounds mixed together, with mosh ready riffs blending effortlessly with beautifully melodic pieces and serene ambience. The range of different elements grants an epic, almost cinematic quality to the listening experience, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in the content.

Both anthemic and bleak, Decembre Noir throw a little bit of everything at the listener on the Renaissance of Hope. The songs are emotionally resonant, and catchy enough for easy recall on repeat listens, and the depth of these songs most definitely warrants repeated listening.

All in all, I call the Renaissance of Hope a win for Decembre Noir. An album at once nine crushingly heavy and surprisingly tender, this is an album for all seasons. Give it a listen and hear for yourself.

Release date: November 13th, 2020

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