Review: Deithwen “Vanity”

Review: Deithwen “Vanity”

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Deithwen “Vanity”

Some time ago friend of mine sent me this stuff and asked me if I could help a little in promotion of DEITHWEN. Of course, this is what I was born for, I said shorty: “YEAH BRO!!!!”. I always do it with wild pleasure coz this is real spirit of Metal – to help and support each other!!! Then I got to know to know something what made me even more than interested in listening of this stuff. Well, on the position of vocalist there’s son of Mauser who you should know from bands such DIES IRAE, UNSUN, VADER or CHRIST AGONY. That’s right – he played in all these bands long time ago, but…

So as we can see next children of Metalheads became Metalhead. We can even say that Eryk sucked out Metal with mother’s milk, as we say in Poland. He joined the band after few months of its existence. But it clearly arise from biography that thank to him the band began to play pure Metal. Anyway, DEITHWEN was found on summer 2011 in Szczytno in Masuria Lake District. There was of course some changes in line-up in meantime and probably they was the reason (or at least one of reasons) why the band had to “wait” five and an half years on its debut. But this is already full-length instead – at least they call it like that.

“Vanity” takes a little (very a little) less than twenty minutes and contains five songs, So in my orthodox meaning to call it album is misuse. I know that times change, but some things should be on its place forever. YEAH!!! I can hear that stuff wasn’t recorded on rehearsal and so on, but anyway… For me this is a demo, maybe professional released, but still a demo! Well, but how we’ll call it isn’t as important as music which we can listen to here, don’t you?!? And music is just a Death Metal, pure and classic one! So we have everything what we need to get music like that and everything’s like it should be.

Riffs aren’t so broken and rather melodic, but brutal enough. They change from time to time. Well, in some songs they’re a little more and in other ones a little less changeless. But the most important is that songs’ structure is expended in satisfactory degree. Of course we have some soloes here, too. About them took care Mauser, so we can be sure that they’re played very well. Drums play also in as various as it should be in classic Death Metal. Everything’s in middle tempos with some speed-ups. But they happen not so often. On the end few words about Eryk’s vocal. To say it in short way, he has classic, but also quite interested growling. I’ll don’t use any likings, but you’ll surely find similarities to  this or another vocalist. I never liked to compare, even if it could be a compliment from one side. But from other side, I’m not sure if musicians like simply comparisons like “Polish MORBID ANGEL”, American VADER” or whatever. To say last words: this is good debut and I can hear some potential in this band. The fact is that there’s nothing special in “Vanity” (just stuff like many, many others), that we could surely find some shortcomings, but… HEY!!! This is their first stuff ever, so let’s understand it and even be a little emollient! They know the best what they should improve and so on. I’m sure that even if they didn’t know before than Mauser said them this.

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