Review DIAGNOSIS “Symphaty For Disease” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review DIAGNOSIS “Symphaty For Disease” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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DIAGNOSIS “Symphaty For Disease”

E VIVA MEXICO!!! Yes, we’ll visit now this country and its capitol. It has extremely interesting history (especially this pre-Columbian one in my opinion), there was existing at least three great civilizations before Cristopher Columbus came here and “took this land in power” in the name of Spanish Kingdom. Well, even Ciudad de México existed since very long time (under the name Teotihuacán) and was capitol of empire before anybody in Europe, at least in this Christian one, got idea to sail anywhere. City is very huge and there’s really good scene with many, many bands in all age, let’s say. DIAGNOSIS is a baby between them coz it was born only two years ago. But at least one of members, vocalist, has experience from earlier “career” in other bands. Anyway, the band is living proof that girls on Metal scene are interested and want to play not only Gothic or however we’ll call it. Isabel is one of these ones who prefer more extreme kinds of Metal. In her case this is Death Metal, rather this old-school one, by the way.

Music in general is in middle tempos. Speed-ups rather don’t happen what absolutely doesn’t mean that nothing happens here! Contrary, our Mexican sister and brothers play in really various ways. Riffs are mostly short, broken and change quite often. Thanks to the fact that there’re two guitarists here there’s really what to listen to. Mostly guitars play a little other riff – of course they always go together and we haven’t here any cacophony or something! Just one play in a little, let’s say, melodic way then another. To sum up both Erubey and Ever do really good job. From time to time we can hear some solos, even if they’re not made in classic way – guitar isn’t the only instrument which plays than. Well, maybe they’re not some “technical Chomolungma (Mount Everest”), but in my opinion it’s even better. Something like that absolutely wouldn’t fit in with character of this music! Also Arturo plays hiss bass in very various and sometimes even a little twisted way. What about drums this is “Chaak” Rodríguez who’s responsible for this instrument. He also make great job here! The same as in guitars case he doesn’t even try to break a speed’s record. As everything here his play is in middle tempo and very variable. On the end I decided to write few words about Isabel. You probably already took, right, conclusion that that’s she who’s vocalist here. She has really great growling. It’s in my opinion what connotes work of DIAGNOSIS the most with old-school Dutch Death Metal.

Well, whole music connotes for me with just this style of playing Death Metal. So if you like this – get this album as fast as you only can! To be honest I’m falling in love. This stuff has everything what good Death Metal album should have, I think. And this is only their first release ever. So we should be afraid what will be on next albums… ehehehehehehe…


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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