Review: DREAM EVIL “Six”

Review: DREAM EVIL “Six”

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When I heard Dream Evil, lets just say, long time ago, it was love at first sight. Or gramatically correct at first listening?

In the summer of 1999 during the holiday Fredrik Nordström spent in the Greek islands, he met rising star, Gus G and that is how Dream Evil was born. Actually, the band supposed to be named DragonSlayer. Century Media did not accept band name, so band changed name to Dream Evil but still kept Dragonslayer as album title. I guess that you can guess Dream Evil got name after the legendary DIO album Dream Evil?

During their career, Dream Evil released Dragonslayer (2002, Century Media Records), Evilized (2003, Century Media Records), The Book of Heavy Metal (2004, Century Media Records), United (2006, Century Media Records), In the Night (2010, Century Media Records). Seven years passed since their last album, and finally, 2017 brought sixth full-length simply titled Six.

Album contains 12 songs:

  1. Dream Evil
  2. Antidote
  3. Sin City
  4. Creature of the Night
  5. Hellride
  6. Six Hundred and 66
  7. How to Start a War
  8. The Murdered Mind
  9. Too Loud
  10. 44 Riders
  11. Broken Wings
  12. We Are Forever

What can we expect here? Dream Evil has always been known for their cathchy melodies, and that is what they offer at “Six”. At the other hand, “Six” brings little bit slower tempo than we used to hear from Dream Evil. Also, compared to previous albums, sound is little bit harder (for example “Dream Evil”, “Six Hundred and 66″).

“Antidote”, “How to Start a War” and “The Murdered Mind” are true Dream Evil trademark.

Ballads have always been highlights on metal albums, even within non metal fans. “Creature of the Night” and “We Are Forever” are the ones that will be remembered for a long time.

From the musical point of view, this is great album. But, this time lyrics are like stone around the Dream Evil neck.. To tell the truth, band have always been struggling with lyrics, but absurd mistakes like:

“…The devil proved to be a really nice guy and they partied all night long. And those who always believed in God, admitted they were wrong…”

must be avoided. Sin City could be anthemic song, it has memorable melody, but those lyrics… Maybe, just maybe, chorus could save them…

Album is produced by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman. Cover artwork is signed by Gustavo Sazes.

Overall: Musically, Dream Evil excellent album. Production has always been amazing, musical skills at top level, unique vocal. From the lyrics syde… Well… We could debate, but at the end we will come to same conclusion. Lyrics are kind of childish, silly. I will just write: nobody is perfect.

Dream Evil has always been one of those bands you will love or you will hate. Despite, I would like to believe, unintentional lyrics errors, I still love them.

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