Review: Edenbridge “The Great Momentum”

Review: Edenbridge “The Great Momentum”

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In February, 17 Austrians Edenbridge released their new creation – ninth album ‘The Great Momentum’.

Four years passed since their previous release ‘The Bonding’. From that moment there was a little line-up change (now Johannes Jungreithmeier is a new band’s drummer), and generally these are all changes, that worth to mention. Because everything else remains the same. Music and arrangement is written by mastermind Lanvall (Arne Stockhammer), Sabine Edelsbacher’s vocals still deep and tender; Dominik Sebastian (with inspiring track record) also play in band, combining it with Serious Black.

‘The Great Momentum’ didn’t went so far from its predecessor. Not so much, that it can be called ‘The Bonding part II’ as well. Though don’t think it’s bad, quite the reverse: one more time Lanvall unite depth, power and sublimity – symphonic arrangements in opening “Shiantara”, oriental motives in “Return to Grace”, orchestra in “A Turnaround in Art” and of course great in its pathos and epic, 12-minutes long “The Greatest Gift of All”.

“Only a Whiff of Life” can be used as a great example of “beauty in simplicity” – just a voice with piano accompaniment and acoustic guitar solo.

“Until the End of Time” also worth mention: Sabine sings with Erik Mårtensson from Eclipse. The song is also tender with great arrangement.

With ‘The Great Momentum’ Edenbridge showed their highest level one more time. And I really with that this band’s name will be appellative in a world of sympho-metal like Nightwish or Epica. However it’s amazing why it didn’t happened yet.

‘The Great Momentum’ released by SPV/Steamhammer.

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