Review: EVIL INVADERS “In For The Kill”

Review: EVIL INVADERS “In For The Kill”

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So it came time for some old-school Metal. EVIL INVADERS was formed in 2007 in Leopoldsburg, in Belgian province of Limburg. City hasn’t long history. In fact it’s, especially on European conditions very short one coz city has its origin in 1835 and the only reason why the city came into existence was nearby of the military base of Beverloo Camp. Anyway, Leopoldsburg is a little town – with population of a little more than 15.000 people.

But as life showed many times and still shows even in smaller scrubs, metal bands are created. Anyway, even if EVIL INVADERS is the only metal band in Leopoldsburg it’s really good showcase of metalheads who live there. It doesn’t mean that this band discover some new music territories and so on. It’s even contrary! I heard and I’m sure that I’ll hear hundreds of such bands in my life. But the truth is that I always listen to music like that with wild pleasure – of course if it’s played well.

“In For the Kill” is their fourth release ever and second EP. The first one was “Evil Invaders” from 2013. Another two releases was demo from 2009 “D-emokill” and album “Pulses of Pleasure” from 2015. I didn’t heard earlier releases of Belgians, but as I know they were in directly the same style as these four songs that this EP contains. And this style is called by musicians by Speed Metal. In my opinion it’s not truth – not whole truth, I mean. There’s a lot of thrash or speed metal, but with strong touch of heavy or hower. But as I said several times terms are only terms and mean almost nothing. The only thing which does matter is music! And who cares how we’ll call it?!?

So we have here twenty minutes and thirty five seconds of real metal volcano. Its eruptions maybe aren’t vehement or slashing, but surely devastating as well. Riffs are sharp, and rather short. From time to time we have also some solos, more melodic riffs or just “squealing” guitar. And these parts I’m connoting with heavy. Drums beat in energetic way, but also at least sometimes it sounds more like it’d be heavy metal – even if it’s mostly in very speed tempo as on heavy. Joe sings with clean voice of course and manner shows quite clearly on fascination of mentioned above sub-genre of metal – the most NWOBHM, I think.

In general, we have a good band here! Both studio and live songs (there’re two of each, let’s call it, category) are energetic and brisk metal. There’re of course some calmer fragments where we have these solos and so on.


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