Review: Evoke Thy Lords “Lifestories”

Review: Evoke Thy Lords “Lifestories”

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Evoke Thy Lords “Lifestories”
Solitude productions

Russia is really huge country, so there isn’t anything strange in fact that huge number of Metal bands exist over there. Some of them play interesting music, some little less interesting and some play crappy. But this is immanent feature of every Metal scene on the world. Another feather of every scene is that Metal bands are creating both in big cities and jerkwater towns.

Well, Novosibirsk is definitely in this first category because there live almost 1,6 millions of people. History of this city is quite short – it was founded in 1893 and primary name was Novonikolayevsk. Anyhow, city had huge importance since it was build and number of inhabitants rapidly grew up. This is an economic, educational and cultural center of the region.  Culture is also about music and the fact is that many well-known musicians were born in Novosibirsk (or at least was connected with it). And I’m not talking here only about Classical ones like violinist Vadim Repin or cellist Tatjana Vassilieva, but also notable figures of Russian Punk Rock. And in music of EVOKE THY LORDS I can hear some signs (subtle) of this genre of music. But in general this is in slow tempo and is much more connected with Doom Metal. Members describe themselves (as a band): Siberian psychedelic stoner/sludge/doom metal band. Well, maybe this is complicated term, but there’s something in that.

Personally I can find elements of all mentioned sub-genres of Metal in music of these five guys and one girl. However, all music is based on guitars which play quite monotonous riffs. Of course Vladimir and Vasiliy (they also play together in COLLAPSE) don’t repeat one and the same riff whole the time. But changes aren’t too easy to notice. With this we have some guitar tricks here, and they take place rather often. Everything together with drums and Irina’s flute coming from nowhere, create this psychedelic climate mentioned by musicians. Yaroslav beats, especially as on such music, variable as well. But well, in these really slow fragments it’s more monotonous and sounds a little like slowdown wall clock.

Alexey’s responsibilities are parts of bass and vocal here. Bass follows drums’ work mostly. And in vocal we can clearly hear that roots of the band are in classic Doom/Death Metal. His growling is deep and in some way depressive. But from time to time he sings with psychedelic voice which I connote with… NO!!! You’ll check it out and then you’re welcome to contact me, if you’ll feel such lust. It complete and add something extra to the music. So, if you like much depressive and a little strange music then this band is definitely for you.

OH, I forgot to write that they exist since 2002 and ‘Lifestories’ is their fourth album – there was also split entitled ‘Twofaced’ with another Russian Doom/Death Metal band RIDERS ON THE BONES. And you can be sure that I’ll check out all their works as well!

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