Review: Exterior Palnet “Dorsia”

Review: Exterior Palnet “Dorsia”

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Exterior Palnet “Dorsia”

Playing any kind of metal in Croatia might be waste of time. Playing black metal in Croatia is close to the limit of common sense. And thank to the metal Gods, there are still enough insane creative people who believe miracles can happen.

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Exterior Palnet for the first time. At first, I thought, there will be nothing that can attract my attention, but… There is always that but.

Let′s start from the beginning.

Exterior Palnet is, as already written, black metal band from Zagreb, Croatia, formed in 2015. The exact date of Exterior Palnet′s birth is December 5th, 2015, to be precise.  If we strip it to the bones, than Exterior Palnet can be classified as cosmsic black metal.

Josip Vladić, drums (Celephais, ex 23) and Bruno Čavara, guitars (Throattwister, Deuel) started working on “Dorsia” at their very first rehearsal. As very gifted and talented, above all creative, they already had first 9 minutes of “Dorsia” at the first meeting. I would like to say, the rest is the history, but they are still young, so maybe in 15 years by now, I will use this sentence again.

Tomislav Hrastovec (vocals) joined the band in Jabuary 2016. The missing puzzle was Mario Bošnir (ex Stribog) who contributed on keyboards.

The album recording started in April 2016. First, the drums were recorded. By January 2017, the recording was ended. Mastering was done in Portland, Oregon, US in Audiosiege Studio on December 17th, 2017.  Audiosiege Studio is founded by Brad Boatright, musician, record producer and mastering engineer known working with Obituary, Toxic Holocaust and many more.

Tomislav Hrastovec explained what the lyrics are about:

“Lyrics follow a path of individuals life. In first three chapters individual can not leave its human shell after death (killed in occult ritual), as his conscience still floats right beside him after burial. He is eager to transcend to afterlife but instead gets trapped in cosmic void.”

Besides lyrics and the main concept, the whole album  atmosphere stands out. The production brings us back in 90ties, in the golden age of black metal. If you like Emperor, Satyricon or Mayhem, than Exterior Palnet is your cup of tea.

The whole concept, having a one song insted of an album was great idea. Unfortunately, that one song was divided into 7 parts, 7 songs, simply “titled”: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII. Older generations might remember that Led Zeppelin titled first 4 albums simply: I, II, III, IV, and if there is any connection, Exterior Palnet will have great future.

The only problem I have about this album is transition between songs. Listening the album you have a feeling something is wrong with your copy, cause it sounds like someone mutilated song. Sudden interruption trains your nerves spin by spin. I hope, next album will avoid song castration.

Cover art perfectly fallows the album concept, so even if I avoid rating albums and covers, if I forget transition mess, this one easily takes the best marks.




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