Review: EYES “Underperformer”

Review: EYES “Underperformer”

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Denmark’s Eyes unveil themselves to the world with a furious and passionate debut. Gut churning riffs and chaotic cries of anguish and rage fuel the powerhouse album that is Underperformer, crafting a sound that is unique and fulfilling.

The real power behind Eyes distinctive brand of hardcore is the excitement palpable in every note. There is not a wasted moment on the album, with each measure either enthralling the listener of building suspense for what comes next. Whirlwinds of chaotic noise swirl through the music as its captive audience becomes wrapped tighter and tighter inside its grasps.

The album sounds amazing, with a mix that perfectly represents each instrument and allows it to shine brightly. While each individual part stands on its own, the interplay proves to be a true highlight, with the band performing tightly and working to make each of them better.

Eyes provide listeners with an intense experience. The passionate rage present in their sound is gripping, with an engaging element that makes it feel enormous. It’s bigger than itself, and you can feel that while listening.

This is an incredibly impressive debut by a band that knows what it is that they want and where it is that they want to go. I expect big things from these guys. With a promising career ahead of them, Underperformer is anything but.

Release date: September 25th, 2020

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