Review: Fit For An Autopsy “Oh What The Future Holds” [Nuclear Blast]

Review: Fit For An Autopsy “Oh What The Future Holds” [Nuclear Blast]

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Here’s a fascinating mixture of death metal and gothic metal, about a chaotic world and uncertainties about the future.

This album is gothic and death-obsessed, and inspired by both gothic metal and death metal. It can be fierce and angry, and melancholic and mysterious, sometimes in just one song. There is a general feeling of chaos and destruction, and of despair and pain. There are also some mythological references and a mystical feel.

The music sounds like those mysterious atmospheric/black/gothic metal projects and death metal bands on the more melodic side put into a blender. You can already hear that in the title track, a mostly instrumental intro with melancholic keyboards that suddenly turns into a death metal track.

This one might be the best representation of the album’s style as a whole, but other longer tracks are pretty interesting as well. For example, there’s the fierce and fast “Pandora”, a death metal number that ends on melancholic vocalization and slower, eerier riffs. Or the super heavy and fast “Collateral Damage” and “Savages Far From Heaven”’s breath-taking mix of fast-paced death metal and eerie singing, as well as its awesome heavy metal solo, “Two Towers” and its slow heavy riffs, melancholic singing and high screams.

There are also some nice little ideas, like the percussions at the beginning of “A New Level of Hate” and its vocal delivery. Vocally, the best moments would have to be “In Shadows” and its mix of low growls, raspy screams and raspy singing or “Pandora” for some of the most melancholic singing and desperate angry growls. The most complete anguished ballad turning into something heavier would be the last track, “The Man that I Was Not”, a long, sprawling track with soft and sad singing, and fierce growls, and an overall desperate feel.

In the end, I rather liked this. I guess a few tracks are a little repetitive and don’t stand out too much, but the album is overall pretty good, and full of interesting ideas. It’s a mix of styles I like, with a little something for everyone. There’s some heavy stuff if you want something angry and mean, and if you want something more atmospheric and melancholic, there’s that too. This album has a lot of creativity, it experiments with many different ideas and sounds, and it ends up creating something not always perfect, but still very memorable. It creates its own special world that you’ll want to go back to and find yourself thinking about for a long time. Check this one out if you want something strange and creative that will definitely leave an emotional impact, something with musical experimentation and stories about a difficult present and future. This album is a really nice way to start the new year.

Release date: 14 January 2022

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