Review: Furor Gallico “Dusk Of The Ages” [Scarlet Records]

Review: Furor Gallico “Dusk Of The Ages” [Scarlet Records]

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Mixing different genres is not something new, but a quite hard task. Italians Furor Gallico play their mix of Death Metal and Celtic Folk since 2007, and now, in the beginning of 2019 the time has come for their third album Dusk Of The Ages.

Almost four years passed since their previous album was released. The band changed its line-up (it’s something unavoidable) while the music became more complex and technical. Nevertheless, it’s still a Celtic Folk with Death Metal, where brutality of guitar riffs and extreme vocals elevated with folk instruments and tender female vocals. It isn’t something revolutionary new, but I don’t think it was a goal for musicians.

So, Dusk Of The Ages contains ten songs with total time a little less than an hour. An album opens with slow reflective track “Passage To A New Life” with nature sounds, acoustic guitar and violin. Thereafter the album’s mood rapidly changing with one of the best songs in an album – “The Phoenix”. Blast beats, tremolos, “beauty and the beast” vocals with some folk instruments at the forefront. Here the listener can fully understand what to expect from Dusk Of The Ages. “Aquane” with its catchy chorus and great drumming, “Nebbia Della Mia Terra” and “The Sound Of Infinity” are also worth to mention.

At the same time Dusk Of The Ages has one big lack: there is a too much of everything here. Seems like musicians decided to give all what they gained in four years to the listeners, but they had only an hour for it. Too much arranging, pace and mood are changing constantly; sometimes it’s unnecessary long. For example: already mentioned song “Aquane” is very technical, sometimes catchy but at some point the eight minutes song starts to tire. So, overall, the album sences like a puzzle with a beautiful picture but assembled wrongly in some places. You can enjoy the picture but some pieces that don’t fit for each other are hurting the eye.

Dusk Of The Ages was released on January, 18 via Scarlet Records.

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