Review: Ghoul Cult “Ghoul Cult”

Review: Ghoul Cult “Ghoul Cult”

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Ghoul Cult “Ghoul Cult” (Duplicate Records)

This release is a collection of all the output from Norway’s Ghoul Cult, from 2004 to 2016. This collection is basically the bands 2004 debut, with 5 extra tracks. And I find it a bit strange that someone would go to the trouble of re-issuing the back catalogue of a band that really didn’t do much, bar a couple of gigs and not much else.

So why go to the trouble of this re-issue? Well, probably because the music is a bit good.

The only downside is that the bands debut was a collection of demos, so the sound isn’t consistent throughout the album. And of course the first couple of tracks have the best sound. From the off, I was expecting some raw Darkthrone worship, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good the first couple of tracks sound. It’s more of a Thrash base that fires off in a few different direction, and the sound is very full… including being able to hear the bass properly.

And this really does sound very Norwegian, circa the 1990’s. There’s a riff or 2 that Darkthrone would probably have inspired. And on “Trionfo Della Morte”, the Doom edge reminds me of Paradigma, who released the classic (to me it’s a classic) Mare Veris, back in 1995.

And then the rawness kicks in.

The sound reverts to sounding like it was recorded in a cave, such is the primitive nature of it all. Musically, I love it, but man it’s raw. Guitars and vocals are provided by Ulrich Riff-Vomitor… maybe he should have played drums instead as this gives St Anger a run for its money on the drum sound.

After a short while though, your ears adjust to the production and you can simple marvel in the bullet belt driven gnarly Death/Thrash that just screams metaaaaaalllllllllll.

I do like going back in time to sample some un-discovered delights, and this definitely fits the bill, even if it is a bit patchy in places. A rough diamond of the highest order.

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