Review: Goath “III: Shaped By The Unlight” [Ván Records]

Review: Goath “III: Shaped By The Unlight” [Ván Records]

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Goath is a blackened death metal band from Bavaria, and it is worth mentioning how badass their logo looks, check it out. In April of 2021 we will see their third full length release, entitled III: Shaped by the Unlight. Similar to previous releases, this album was recorded entirely live in the studio. The sound here is brimming with energy and has that special sound that can only be captured with a live performance. Every instrument is clear and that slight tinge of rawness does nothing except enhance the listening experience. The music is abrasive, evil, and confident. Each riff keeps the listener engaged and pulls them into the darkness of Goath. They do a phenomenal job of keeping the rhythms interesting; the intro to Clitless Loyalty sounds like the buildup of war drums which crescendo into a torrent of black metal madness. The riffs are catchy and quite evil, and this song in particular offers some twists and turns.

The downfall of many bands is lack of diversity, yet each track of III: Shaped by the Unlight offers something unique and explores a different aspect of darkness. We hear some haunting chants throughout, reminiscent of certain 90s black metal bands like post-Dead Mayhem. This love of that era of black metal seems to be what propels this band forward. It is a modern take on those grim, foreboding sounds that transfixed countless metal fans throughout the decades. This is paired and counterbalanced by some heavy riffing in some places that grinds along like some of the American death metal bands do. Rhythm can be a make-or-break aspect and the varying tempos offer a sense of space. There is nothing but good things to say about this release, from the instrumentation to the vocals, to the rawer production, the sound they were going for is on point. For fans of blackened death metal, this is absolutely something to keep on your radar.

Release date: April 9th, 2021

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