Review: Goratory “Sour Grapes” [Everlasting Spew Records]

Review: Goratory “Sour Grapes” [Everlasting Spew Records]

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Goratory is a band from the wonderful city of Boston, Massachusetts with a knack for piq squeels and brutality of the most obscene fashion. Generally keeping the tempos high and the gutterals low, Sour Grapes comes as the group’s fourth full length, with their debut released 20 years ago. Members of the act have performed in such bands as Job for a Cowboy and Deeds of Flesh among many others.

The interesting thing about this album is that due to the technicality seen throughout the tracks, the brutal death onslaught never becomes dull. There are times where the vocals will switch between slam style gutterals, grind tinged highs, and death metal growls sounding quite similar to Cannibal Corpse at times. There is no shortage of variance in vocal styles and the instrumentation is clearly thought out and precise. This band and its members have been established in the metal scene for decades, and the experience in songwriting shows. There are times where the songs take a turn for the deathgrind, sounding similar to Aborted. Cryptopsy comes to mind as well sometimes.

All in all, to summarize, the difference between this band and other technical/brutal death metal bands is that there is an astounding amount of musicmanship in both the vocals and the instruments, and there is an exciting mix of tempo changes, rhythmic patterns, and blistering blastbeats and gravity blasts without getting boring. The production allows no room for mud, and everything comes out clear as it intended to be.

Now to discuss the lyrics. Humor is the light of life, and bands like this with a sense of humor make for an extra layer of enjoyability. The subtle nuances of such beautifully written lines of poetry such as “The only 7inch split is your asshole on a dick” and “Force fed demon splooge, loads of jizz inside of you”, off the track “Seth Putnam Was A Sensitive Man” let us know that with music like this, things are just a little better. This is a solid technical/brutal death metal album with the quality you would expect from such a well established and experienced group of musicians, and serves as a great snapshot of the genre in 2020 (and for 2020 perhaps).

Release date: October 16, 2020

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