Review: GOREPHILIA “Severed Monolith”

Review: GOREPHILIA “Severed Monolith”

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GOREPHILIA “Severed Monolith”
Dark Descent Records

Five years after presenting “Embodiment of Death” Gorephilia follows it up with “Severed Monolith” which is a nine track bludgeoning album to say the least. What Gorephilia offers with this record is something that is wholly destructive and face melting and from song number one to song number nine you get pelted with sickening death metal without much of a break at all. The only real breather that you end up getting is when the eighth track “Eternity” appears but that ultimately leads you right into the nine minute epic closer “Crushed Under the Weight of God”. After being away from the metal scene as far as records go, Gorephilia show that they can still melt faces, grind skulls and rip flesh from bone.

Once you begin listening Gorephilia rolls sickening song after sickening song without much air for you to breath and without any sign of an exit. As soon as you press play you become trapped in a bludgeoning storm of death and depravity and Gorephilia seems to revel in that. The more that you listen the more the bodies pile up around you and sooner rather than later you may be one of them. “Embodiment of Death” is an unrelenting release that hacks you up and asks questions never, and really that’s what you would come to expect from these monsters as well as any solid death metal release. Each song is just as sick as the last and each song is just as flesh melting and neck snapping as the last as well, so if you think that you may be getting off easy that would be a mistake.

The sound that Gorephilia provides is raw and punishing as it sounds as though it crawled up from the dark musty depths of the grave. Right off the bat you get a striking nasty sound that immediately sticks with you even after the album has concluded. What causes that sound is the powerful ripping riffs, spine rattling bass lines and tumultuous drumming mixed with a raw production. With all of that combined with grizzly vocals you get everything that has been described already as well as a neck breaking and headbanging listen and Gorephilia does a good job of getting your head nodding right from the get go. These songs-as filthy as they are-are infectious and memorable and before you know it your head may be rolling around on the ground from you headbanging from beginning to end.

“Embodiment of Death” is a flesh carving record that will and does bulldoze you into an early grave if you aren’t ready. This is a sinister release front to back and it oozes viscera and filth and at times you feel as though they are coming out of your speakers to take your life. Armed with these nine songs, Gorephilia make their presence felt and make it known to all that listen that they are aiming to destroy. Overall, this record is a good one as it gets you headbanging, it’s filthy, nasty, straight up no bullshit death metal and really what more could you want?

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