Review: Greystone Canyon “While The Wheels Still Turn”

Review: Greystone Canyon “While The Wheels Still Turn”

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Greystone Canyon “While The Wheels Still Turn” (Rockshots Records)

The Metal world can be a very small place at times.  Back in the early 90s, when I lived in North West London, a bunch of Aussies moved into the area. They’d moved from Australia to London to try and make it in the UK, rather than go un-noticed in their homeland.

The band they were in, was called Sanctum and they did ok, but they never made to the big time… bassist Brad Wiseman ended up in Paul Di’Anno’s band. And if my memory serves me correctly (it was a long time ago and many a beer has passed my lips since then) frontman Darren Cherry ended up doing A&R for someone like Music For Nations (but I may be slightly wrong on the last fact).

Anyway, 25-ish years since the Aussie invaders moved over here, I’ve moved on to living in the country, with my rock n roll lifestyle well and truly behind me. I may look like a Neanderthal biker, but I have 5 cats and I’m a big softie with my kittens… and I’m a Granddad for fucks sake… and under the thumb, obviously, with my good lady.

Darren Cherry, it seems, is still chasing that rock n roll dream, this time with Greystone Canyon. And that comes as no surprise as Darren was always a driven individual.

Now if you read a press release relating to Greystone Canyon, ignore it completely. It mentions the band in the same breath as Rose Tattoo and AC/DC… which is pushing it some. One as the music is completely different and number 2, they are so many rungs down the ladder, it’s a very bold statement which bears no resemblance with real life.

But, and it’s a bloody big but, that could change in the future, as this is genuinely a really good album.

As I mentioned before, just forget the comparisons with their fellow Aussies. There’s a bit of Western theme going on here. Not a massive one, but more to do with the feel of the album. Like sitting around the campfire and banging out some great tunes, which lean towards Classic Heavy Metal, rather than anything Country (and Western). There’s also a Megadeth feel to some of the lead guitars, which are exemplary though-out the album.

Exemplary is probably a good way to describe this album. As there’s not a single note out of place. It sounds perfect, without feeling over-produced… and I’ve no idea if I’m right about this, but it does feel like a conscious effort for commercial success as some of the tracks, especially the Foo Fighter feel of “In These Shoes” and the Blind Melon edge to “The Sun Sets”, are aimed at a much wider audience than your average underground Metal band. The latter reminds me of the classic “No Rain”, but with a “Wanted Dead Or Alive” sheen to it. And in this business, you can never tell what will sell, if anything sells these days. But this album has as good a chance as any.

They’ve done the hard part of producing a stunning album. Now it’s down to the label and lady luck.

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