Review: Hello Black Hole “In No Good Hand”

Review: Hello Black Hole “In No Good Hand”

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Hello Black Hole “In No Good Hand”
Svart Records

With an occultish vibe and a hard rocking sound Hello Black Hole comes barreling through your speakers with “In No Good Hand”. This release sports four songs that get stuck in your head with or without your okay. Hello Black Hole has a very unique sound that is identifiable from anywhere and once you press play you are trapped in their funky yet mesmerizing record. “In No Good Hand” is a unique and interesting listen that you can get into immediately without having to listen to numerous times. Once you listen once you are hooked, end of story.

One listen just doesn’t cut it and one leads to numerous and numerous listens lead to an uncontrollable amount of listens. “In No Good Hand” provides you with four solid songs that are hard rocking and highly intoxicating and you just end up finding yourself lost in it. From the smooth riffs, to the pounding drums to the memorable vocals, everything just falls together perfectly to create a unique and different listening experience.

This release is very easy to get into and listen to over and over again and really you just don’t mind listening for hours on end. Even though this release has only four songs attached to it, it has plenty of content for you to listen to and delve into. Not only that, but it says something about Hello Black Hole and the fact that they can keep you listening with only those four songs. Each song is solid, heavy and hard rocking and before you know it, you are grooving and nodding your head along with each song.

“In No Good Hand” is a solid and memorable release that you can dive into immediately and enjoy right away. If you enjoyed Beastmilk, then you surely will enjoy Hello Black Hole and all that they have to offer with “In No Good Hand”.

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