Review: Hereza “I Become Death”

Review: Hereza “I Become Death”

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Hereza (“heresy” from Croatian) is a Croatian formation that plays brutal and ferocious mix of early years death metal and punk in its most aggressive form.

I call it formation because Hereza is a duo. Music brought by multi instrumentalist Slobodan Stupar and infernal vocals are coming out from Ivan Kovacevic’s throat. However, this line-up doesn’t prevent to create ferocious and aggressive music. And for live performance Bojan Babic (guitar), Milan Prodanovic (bass) and Leonardo Markovic (drums) are join the band.

Hereza‘s debut album ‘Misanthoripe’ was released in 2015, and now, two years later, the band presents their sophomore work with telling title ‘I Become Death’.

An album contains ten songs with overall length about 30 minutes. It isn’t so much, but on the other hand there are no fillers and it sounds as the whole piece. The emphasis here is not on the variety, but evil, aggression and brutality. In other words “Cannibal Corpse meet The Exploited“.

Of course in some songs the band goes more to death metal, like in the opener “I Become Death” and Jebem Vas U Usta Ladna (Fucking Your Cold Mouth)” with lyrics in Croatian. In others it goes more punk like “Homo Homini Lupus Est” (man is a wolf from Latin), or sometimes the band mix punk with black metal elements, justifying their name fully not only with the music, but also with lyrics (“In The Name Of God”).

It needs to mention that ‘I Become Death’ was recorded at Denis Sloboda’s home studio “Brvnara” (he also played solos in “Pošast” an “In The Name Of God”). So the high record quality and awesome evil sound in an album are his credits.

‘I Become Death’ – is a one big bunch of brutality and ferocity that fills up every single note. So when the last “Tombcrawler” ends, you have nothing in your head, but only silent question: “What, that’s all?”. Which cause you to press “repeat” and start this “heresy” over and over again.

‘I Become Death’ will be released on February, 13 by Godz Ov War.

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