Review IN FLAMES “Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg” (by Droll)

Review IN FLAMES “Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg” (by Droll)

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In Flames “Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg”
Nuclear Blast records

Whether you like In Flames, or not – their significance in the world of metal cannot be denied. And no matter if the attitude for the band was changed or not after Jesper Strömblad’s leaving, the only fact that the band haven’t splitted and continue to create and play music is worth respect. So, shortly before their new album Battles will be released, In Flames returned to their first label Nuclear Blast and release very cinvincing proof that they are alive and full of force – live DVD Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg.

The gig itself was in 2014, in their hometown Gothenburg while the band was touring with their new and the last album for today Siren Charms. However, despite that the big number of the songs was taken from their last album, the band covered almost their whole creative way, from 1999-th album Colony to nowadays. 20 songs, almost a half and hour show, amazing performance,  great shooting and priceless fans’ reactions – these are the main constituens of an album.

Live show atmosphere delivered in all its best: from the first seconds, when thousands of throats chants  «In Flames! In Flames!» and then blowing up with the screams – isn’t it the biggest proof for loving the band? Director Patrick Ullaeus transfer live show ambience very good, well that’s not surprising: the man, that worked with many bands from Europe to Children Of Bodom hardly will fail.

In Flames gives themselves to music for 100%: playing level, techniques, emotions and energy, that musicians are transferring to the audience (and get it back thousand fold) is heard really good and feels even in audio, not talking about video. Vocalist Anders Fridén copes great with new songs and with an old death matherial. He don’t forget to communicate with audience, which vividly responds for his every word with applause and screams. Also there are some ironic moments, when Anders talks to fans and propose to look not only in their smartphones screens, but around themselves. However, in this moment he was shoot by some phone camera.

Return to beginning, it needs to say that no matter how far In Flames have gone from death metal, they still doing great shows and still are professionals, no matter what. Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg once again prooving it to all sceptics (that can hardly be convinced with any arguments).

Of course, there will be some nagging from displeased about this DVD: big number of songs, as it said, from the last albums; complete absence of material from masterpieces The Jester Race (1996) and Whoracle (1997) and yet many can’t accept band founder’s leaving (hey, six years passed, by the way). But if you want to enjoy great, powerful gig with some kind of «progress report» from great professional musicians – that’s exactly what you need. Especially before new album release.

P.S. According to my own observations, this album, even in audio version, liked even by that people that usually don’t like live show’s records. Also those, who heard the name In Flames, but didn’t listened to them, started to get acquainted with the band’s work. That, in principle, speaks for itself.

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