Review: Infected Rain “Endorphin” [Napalm Records]

Review: Infected Rain “Endorphin” [Napalm Records]

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Everybody like the stories of success and metalheads aren’t the exception here: it’s always great when the band got famous all over the world after long, hard work and self-development; especially when this band isn’t from “traditional” metal country. Somebody happy for their fellow countrymen, others are happy for the band, which they loved from their first demo. For somebody the only fact of such stories gives them more motivation; they are not giving up and put their instruments in cases forever. Moldovan Infected Rain that releases their fourth album Endorphin via big record label Napalm Records is a good example of such story.

Nonetheless, I need to say that Infected Rain were quite famous before they signed a deal. They have three albums under their belts, one EP, countless played shows and quite big fan base all over the Europe. Moreover, Lena’s bright look also make a big contribute for the band’s promotion: you can see tons of her photos in FB groups or Instagram accounts with typical “Queens Of Metal” names together with Alissa White-Gluz, Simone Simons and Tatiana Shmailyuk. As they say “come for girl, stay for music”.

“The name of the album, Endorphin, emblematizes how we feel about music, our fans and supporters, – says the band, – just like this hormone induces the feeling of happiness in people, we find ourselves truly happy to perform for our audience and we want to share this feeling of euphoria with each and every one of them.”

Endorphin is fast, solid and very emotional record. It’s quite hard to attribute Infected Rain‘s music to some certain genre: in this album you can hear a modern Metalcore sound, Death or Groove Metal passages and even some Djent. All this heaviness spiced with some electronic sounds and samples, which create or rather, emphasize the mood but not prevail on live instruments. The only exception is an ending song “Storm”. It’s atmospheric; it’s sad and quite silent (in comparison to the whole album, of course). Also this is the only song where only clean vocal can be heard. “”Storm” is very different from what we did before. It is an insanely emotional song with really soft melody to it,” the band comments. “This song is about the continuous search. It is about the painful path towards the perfect harmony. Harmony between the world and people, between nature and humans, and most importantly, the harmony between two souls. Two lost souls that are trying to find one another.”

Beside this track, the album is very aggressive and emotional, like I said. Starting from hurricane pace and extreme vocals in opener “The Earth Mantra” it rarely slows down, giving the listener a break and then it falls on you again with all its heaviness, like in the “Victims” song.

Yet, there is a place for some melodism in an album; the greatest examples for it are “Symphony Of Trust”, “Pendulum” and “Walking Dead”. Melodic choruses here interwoven seamlessly with break downs, solid riffs and hammering drums.

Lena easily copes with aggressive extreme vocals and more emotional clean one. Sometimes she interlaces them, creating some kind of “dialogue” (“Victims”), sometimes they sound simultaneously (“Passerby”).

All in all, Infected Rain created a solid, aggressive yet emotional album, which would sound great in live and in your earphones. Musicians themselves say that Endorphin is a big step forward for the band and a new level. I really don’t know what will the future bring for these guys, but I wish them luck and I really want to see them on the Metal Olympus with all the headliners.

Endorphin will be released on October, 18 via Napalm Records.

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