Review: Iron Savior “Titancraft”

Review: Iron Savior “Titancraft”

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Iron Savior Titancraft


(20th May 2016, AFM records)

If you only think how many metal bands exist 20 years or more, I am sure more than 70% bands you could remember would be German metal bands. One of those is Iron Savior.

Band started their intergalactic journey in 1996 when old friends Kai Hansen, Thomen Stauch and Piet Sielck joined their forces. The only remaining original member of the band, Piet Sielck (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engeneer), continues high concept Si-FI saga with “Titancraft”, 9th studio album of a band.

Launching with short outer space intro “Under Siege”, Iron Savior brings us to their well known world.

“Titancraft” brings screaming guitars, speed rhythm, memorable lyrics, instant need to  headbang. The opening tune remind me a lot of Helloween and choruses are in Blind Guardian style.

“Way of the Blade”, “Seize the Day”, “Strike Down the Tyranny” and “The Sun Won’t Rise in Hell” are classic Iron Savior songs.

Epic “Beyond the Horizon” also reminds a lot at Blind Guardian from the period of “Somewhere Far Beyond” album (1992).

“Gunsmoke” is the Wild West song which starts with the gallop, horse whine and gun shot. Memorable melody, heavy drumming, magnificent solos, ending with Spaghetti Western music and again gunshots…

“Brother in Arms” is slower, classic Iron Savior song which brings drama element to this album.

What would be a metal album without a ballad? Iron Savior brings us this time “I Surrender”. I expected more from lyrics, but pay attention at Piet’s voice. Listening to him, it seems his heart bleeds, piano brings melancholic atmosphere, guitar cries… However, I am afraid this ballad can not beat one of their best “Before the Pain” (“The Landing”, 2011).

“R&R Addiction” (Ldt. Edition Bonus Track) and “Rebellious” I see as heavy metal hymns, side by side with my favorite “Heavy Metal Never Dies” (“The Landing”, 2011). Those are my number 1 motivation songs to listen early in the morning when I go to work. Lyrics as:

…And when the world
Seems to be run
By nothing but fools
Time to make a change
Time to break the rules…

pump adrenaline, prepare your brain to work faster and make you ready to survive the day.

…Born to be rebellious
Born to be rebellious
Born to be unique
One of a kind…

forces you to rise your fist in the air, feel the power and pride you belong to Metal Nation.

“Protector” (Ldt. Edition Bonus Track) is totally different than any other song from this album, and it is in the strong competition for my favorite one.  Opening riffs reminds me on “Screams in the Night” by Bloodbound (“Nosferatu”, 2005). A part of song Piet sings the way  like I hear part of Judas Priest “Electric Eye” (“Screaming for Vengeance, 1982):

…creep inside your mind
into your very soul
I have the power
I am in control…

I never liked to compare bands, but if I have to explain to someone who have never been listening Iron Savior, I would say this band sounds like early Helloween, Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian colide with N.W.O.B.H.M.

If you have never heard the band before, you will fall in love when you hear so uncharacteristic, harsh, tomb like Piet vocals. His vocals might be compared to our morning voice, but over 80% of us could never sing as Piet does.

From the first to the last line, this album can not disappoint you. Compared to previous albums, sound is heavier and richer. Must have in your collection.


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