Review: Kaeck “Stormkult”

Review: Kaeck “Stormkult”

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kaeckKaeck “Stormkult”
Heathen Tribes

Dutch war black metal band realeased the album. This album is a pure and raw black metal album, that has the power of darkness and blakness in it’s self.

On this album it can be heard that, the sound of this band, demonstrates full power of black metal, making this album a black metal armaggedon. The clean vocals are sick and amazing, they are totally fitted with the songs an the hole album,and they are very well combined with unclean vocals.

Tehnical compliace is very good, it can be better, acoustic is solid, production is great.
This album presents darkeness. It will face you with coldness, destroy you with chaos, devour you with apocylpse.

Kaeck is the band that has everything that, one great black metal band, shoud have, black metal music that will destroy you soul and tear your flesh apart.


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