Review: KARGYR “Kargyr” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: KARGYR “Kargyr” [Sliptrick Records]

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As mentioned before, going forward my reviews will be more of a basic overview instead of being long and drawn out. So, on that note…

This is an interesting release.

One-man French project Kargyr has delivered a whirlpool of influences and descriptions here that leave you a little in awe of his talent.

You can almost understand why his self-titled debut is only a four-song EP, as this is everything but generic. From the cover art to the music, this is everything but generic. A couple of minutes into the first track and I was almost certain this was a ‘-core’ of some sort, perhaps mathcore? I wasn’t 100% sure, and in fact am still not sure. It was just the screaming that was driving me to that conclusion, and perhaps a little of the music, but more the screaming. Then it seemed to diversify and take you on what I can only describe as an eclectic journey. That is what I have now settled on… an eclectic journey, and thank goodness, because I am not a fan of the ‘-cores’ of any sort.

Knowing this is a one-man project certainly helps when it comes to forming an opinion of something that I would never normally listen to. Kargyr is one talented individual and he actually has a fantastic clean-singing voice, and thank goodness for that since I don’t care too much for the screaming vocals, however they do seem to work with this EP.

As mentioned previously, this is not normally something I would listen to, but objectively I am finding it very difficult to find any fault with this recording. All it works well! Even down to the scream vocals which I usually find intolerable. I can safely say that this is a fantastic release by a very talented individual.

So as an overview…

Scream vocals aside, the clean singing is really good. And for the type of music this is, which I’m still not sure what it is, everything works. Drums, guitars, bass, production, song structures, vocals… it all works and it works well.

Kudos to Kargyr! I really do hope this release gets the recognition it deserves.

Til next time.

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