Review: Kingsmen “Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery.” [SharpTone Records]

Review: Kingsmen “Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery.” [SharpTone Records]

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Rhode Island is the smallest state of US but obviously it has its Metal scene also; nowadays you can find Metal in some unexpected corners of the Earth, not talking about North America. That’s where the young, ambitious, loud and mighty band Kingsmen, which release its debut album Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery. is from.

Kingsmen are vocalist Tanner Guimond, guitarist Tim Lucier, bassist Adam Bakelman and drummer Michael Perrotta. Before that they played in various bands, gaining experience and in 2016 these guys assembled in one band. Next year they release four songs EP and continued to play, rehearse and perform. But not everything was smooth at all: a series of unfortunate events almost ended the band but nevertheless guys buckled-down and continued to work on their debut longplay, produced by Mark Lewis (Trivium, Whitechapel, Cannibal Corpse). “When you listen to us, we want you to know there’s always hope” says Tanner . “Our album was made during a dark period in our lives, we’re still here living, breathing, and loving life. We can only hope it helps and heals others through hard times.”

Many critics classify Kingsmen‘s music as Metalcore or Melodic Deathcore but it seems to me that these definitions are not reflecting the diversity of the band’s music fully. Metalcore undoubtedly presents in their music, moreover it’s a basement of Kingsmen, which holds it all. But there are a lot of Melodic Death Metal elements and even some Djent that the band adds to this. And on top of that, there are very melodic choruses (catchy enough sometimes), solid riffs and fast drums.

Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery. contains ten, quite diverse songs. “Until I Departed”, which opens the album is mostly Melodic Death Metal in its modern variation, reminds the last In Flames‘ work but with more powerful sound, breakdowns in the middle and double pedal during almost the whole song. “Outsider” also starts with Melodic Death, steadily going from melody to brutality with blast beats and aggressive riffs.

“World On Fire” goes Metalcore in the spirit of Architects but with very melodic chorus. Tanner Guimond alternates clean and extreme vocals finely and Tim Lucier starts Djent from time to time. The pace is also changing a couple of times during the song, making it diverse. The same thing happens with the first single from the album called “Nightmare” with an interesting video. Here Kingsmen show all that they got, combining speed and heaviness of Metalcore with melody.

“Oppressor” is probably the most solid track in the album: starting from breakdown and almost guttural vocal, the song rapidly goes to fast and vigorous Deathcore, which knocks you down. Michael Perrotta delivers a machine-gun drumming and Tim Lucier with Adam Bakelman play fast and solid riffs. Meanwhile, the chorus sounds quite melodic, there are even some synth in the background but this doesn’t make the song less solid or something. In its turn, “Pleasure In Vengeance” is maybe the catchiest song here: it is rhythmical and sometimes reminds Korn played with Metalcore sound. Tanner doesn’t sing but talks fast from time to time (with extreme vocals, though) and Adam’s mighty bass is on the forefront here.

In the overall, the band’s debut album became a good work. It’s various, emotional, greatly played and produced well. It shows that Kingsmen has a huge potential and inclinations to reach the higher level in conjunction with other famous bands. And I really hope that it will happen one day.

Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery. will be released on April, 10th via SharpTone Records.


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