Review: KOMMANDANT – Blood Eel

Review: KOMMANDANT – Blood Eel

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American Black Metal outfit KOMMANDANT release their fourth album Blood Eel in September 2018. The album comprises of 7 tracks and runs for 50 minutes released by Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum. With multiple splits and compilations under their belt since the 2006 demo, most notably the KOMMANDANT/ AOSOTH, 2015. I feel that any band which can complement AOSOTH is worthy of much attention.

The first time you read the name KOMMANDANT, did you feel a twinge of disgust? You’re brainwashed into that from birth by the agendas around you, it’s no surprise. Ask yourself the question then, what is Black Metal about? What’s it for? I’m not going to answer that for you and as KOMMANDANT are a band that don’t publish lyrics but are known to have said they are not scared to push their agenda, I doubt they will attempt to either. With that type of confusion going on it’s probably best I leave the gas masks and dystopian imagery alone…

The truth is that Blood Eel is KOMMANDANT’s best work to date and it’s shown off perfectly within the polished production. This album feels a good step up from the Architects of Extermination (2015). As is usual for the times but not necessarily the style; all instruments can be heard clearly in the mix and happily, vocals do not overpower in a volume sense.

Blood Eel is a moody mix of cold and hollow guitar tones that offer up planes of difference in their riffs instead of widdily patterns. A typical Death Metal drum style is smashed together with more militant drum patterns and this helps immensely in painting their picture and you’ll want to march into battle with them because of it.

Aside from the too long intro and some of their tracks seemingly a few minutes too long the overall sonic picture is the one I’m sure they wanted to imagine. If they dropped the gas masks perhaps they’d be taken a little more seriously and could move away from playing local only.

Blood Eel has been brought to fruition and can be found at Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum in limited A5 Digipack format.

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