Review: Lordi “Sexorcism”

Review: Lordi “Sexorcism”

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Since 1992 Lordi goes to success. So one might think that in 2006 the band reached all that it could: lots of fans all over the world (including those who are quite far from heavy music), a square in Rovaniemi, named in their honor, Lordi candies, Lordi-Cola… Well, seemed like the band can rest on laurels till the end of days. Nevertheless, Lordi aren’t going to stop: since their triumphal victory at Eurovision competition the band recorded five more albums. And now here comes their ninth LP – provocative Sexorcism.

Here we got the provocation in almost everything: the cover, songs’ names and lyrics. But show me that one fool that will take it all seriously (although, there were incidents when the band was blamed for Satanism).

Musically you should not expect some innovations or sudden genre changes. There is some good old hammering Heavy Metal (“Romeo Ate Juliet”, “Slashing Model Girls”), some Glam (“Risking Assassin”, “Hot&Satanned”) and some ancient Shock Rock (maybe the best example for it is “Naked In My Cellar”). Horror atmosphere created by women screams and moans, demonic voices and by Ms. Hella’s keyboards. Guitarist Mr. Amen sometimes plays good solos. Rhythm-section (Mr. Mana – drums and Mr. Ox – bass) playing smooth that, in fact, was required from it. And Mr. Lordi’s voice, I guess, everyone heard at least once.

The band’s external, of course, prevails on content. Well, nowadays, when half of the world is strongly on Instagram, this hardly can be called “sin” (if sin at all). Also, Lordi never concealed that they were inspired by Kiss, and these guys, except endless pursuit for the money, always knew how to make a great show. Lordi also, by the way.

Well, for the end: yes, Lordi plays simple Heavy and longtime no longer fashionable Glam Metal with Shock Rock. But if this music puts a smile on your face, then the band done its job great. Because it’s stupid to require documentary from horror movie. They were filmed not for this and not for this people watching them.

Sexorcism will be released on May, 26 by AFM Records.

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