Review: Luna in Sanguinem “Global Bloodbath”

Review: Luna in Sanguinem “Global Bloodbath”

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The young American band from Illinois Luna in Sanguinem last year has released their first EP “Global Bloodbath”, praising the mighty classical death metal with their straightforward music. So, the listener can prepare himself for half an hour of violent and traditional DM.

These American deathsters have never even planned to release this EP on CD; “Global Bloodbath” was released in May as digital record, which they promoted during their concerts. But the interest was great, so the band has decided to release this brutal album independently. They aren’t mad for originality or open to experimental visions; they’ve chosen to follow the pure death metal path, adding some rhythmic thrash patterns and slight atmospheric doominess. And despite all this aggressive evilness of strong death metal, there’s some wicked merriness of death ’n’ roll hints. And this album is also in good terms with the southern sludgy muddiness, adding to this classical death metal release extra points in their signature move.

Generally “Global Bloodbath” is a pretty slow album, but with some references to thrash metal speediness, like the songs “Hunter Killer” or “Far from the Light”. These thrashy signs are eloquently presented during the guitar solo passages, but this speedy pace with accelerated blast beats never lasts for a long time. But the heaviness and gloominess are emphasized more by this sluggish tempo, never allowing any meekness. The core of this EP is classical death metal power chords, they are juicy, creepy and violently low, so, the ruthlessness of the music really forces the ground to shake. There are few allusions to something proggy and technically sophisticated (“Killed by the Dead Hand”), but this seriousness is disrupted by a bit impetuous spirit of d’n’r (“Angel Wings”). The bluesy southern passages are common to this band (“Hunter Killer” and “Angel Wings”), and with clean voice and psychedelic influence, you can even forgot for a while about classical death metal! But clean voice isn’t their strong side, usually the lead singer prefers half screams, and these “half singing methods” lack melodic parts, as well as solid brutality.

The catchiness of guitar riffs and clear-cut vocal lines will hold the attention till the end of this 30 minute release. The bloody artwork also echoes the roughness and traditional death metal aura with all the standard moves. Yes, “Global Bloodbath” doesn’t bring the global changes onto the extreme musical scene, but for the first experience Luna in Sanguinem has managed to achieve more than satisfactory results.

Release date: May 21st, 2020

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