Review: Lvx Hæresis “Descensŭs Spīrĭtŭs”

Review: Lvx Hæresis “Descensŭs Spīrĭtŭs”

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Lvx Hæresis “Descensŭs Spīrĭtŭs”

Sion isn’t big city, but has really long and interesting history. Also today it plays important, we can even say: key, role especially in south-west region of Switzerland called Valais – Sion is its capital. By the way, it should be very well-known to all fans of Black Metal. Once in 1987 there was created some legendary band. Frankly, this bands still exists, but unfortunately it doesn’t play Black Metal anymore. Well, I doubt if they play any kind of Metal since longer time. So for me they split-up shortly after releasing “Ceremony of Opposites”. Why I’m writing this?!? Well, because Sion is also home-city of LVX HAERESIS’ members.

Musically it’s the same sub-genre of Metal which I already mentioned. But I can’t notice some huge similarities to early days of brothers Michael and Alexandre Locher band in  what play N. (drums), Shordef (guitars), W. (bass) and D. H. (vocals, guitars). Well, maybe slow tempo and dirty character of the music can be connoted especially with first album of this pure legend which in my opinion became… But this is rather farfetched connotation, don’t you?!? Anyways, LVX HAERESIS is quite young band which began its existence in 2013. So there’s nothing strange in fact that before just reviewing album they released independently only single “Adoratio. Lvx. Tenebris.” – on CD where guys presented only one, but long song.  Audience wasn’t huge coz there came out 50 copies of this work.

Now they serve seven ones which titles are just next Roman numbers – but second composition is called “II – III”. As I mentioned all of them are in slow tempo, sometimes even a little road roller’s one.  There’re no speed-ups, no solos and stuff like that what doesn’t mean that it happens nothing in this music. Riffs don’t change too often and these changes are subtle and possible to notice only if you listen carefully. N. beats quite variable, too. We haven’t of course radical changes of tempo or longer passages here – in this kind of B.M. it’d sound at least ridiculous. Anyhow, if you’ll listen carefully then you’ll notice changes o tempo or passages as well. The fact is that they’re subtle doesn’t mean that there’s no them!

Vocal isn’t screechy here as it take place in the most examples of B.M. bands. Well, in my opinion it’d sound the same ridiculous as in case of some radical changes of tempo and so on! Instead D. H. use, let’s call this, scream-growling. But it has quite huge element of despair mixed with some dose of depression, resignation…  Generally this is music which has a lot of dark atmosphere inside and guys made it well.  I heard in my life many stuffs like that and I’m sure that in future this number will be at least double, but I don’t care that LVX HAERESIS isn’t original at all! I prefer such music than some pseudo-originality in the name of hell knows what.

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