Review: Miasmal Sabbath “Ominous Radiance” [Unholy Prophecies]

Review: Miasmal Sabbath “Ominous Radiance” [Unholy Prophecies]

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With a very interesting sound combining elements of death/doom, black metal and old school hardcore, Miasmal Sabbath deliver one of the more unique sounding records of the year. Haunting and powerful, yet never losing a sense of fun about it, Ominous Radiance is just flat out one hell of an album.

A heavy sense of theatricality hangs over the record, to great effect to the groups overall sound. One might describe Miasmal Sabbath as what they hoped Ghost would sound like the first time they saw a picture of them. Extraordinary vocals lend themselves to this point, with a style reminiscent of GWAR‘s Oderous Urungus with a mean streak. A preaching, storytelling vibe attaches itself to the singing and creates a gripping experience for the listener. The vocals pull you in and keep you entranced while the music pummels you.

On the musical end of things, Miasmal Sabbath keep things interesting. Styles shift throughout the album, all while maintaining the band’s signature sound. Doomy dirges shift seamlessly into black metal tremolo picking mayhem, and into uproarious punk rock romps without missing a beat. There truly is a little something for everyone represented in the album. The band performs their work flawlessly, with a tight delivery and excellent interplay between the musicians. The mix of the album is rock solid, letting each instrument shine brightly.

On Ominous Radiance, Miasmal Sabbath show the world what they have to offer, along with a promise that many more great things will happen in the future. This is just but a taste of what these guys are capable of. Keep an ear out and remember the name. I give this one a huge thumbs up.

Release date: September 25th, 2020

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