Review: Myrkgrav “Takk Og Farvel; Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen”

Review: Myrkgrav “Takk Og Farvel; Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen”

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Myrkgrav “Takk Og Farvel; Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen”
Pest Productions

This album originally came out last year, but Pest Productions have recently given it a cd re-issue.  The title of the album translates as “Thank You And Farewell; Times Have Changed”, so as you can probably  deduce, this is also the 2nd and final Myrkgrav album… which is a real shame.

If you’ve not heard Myrkgrav before, the bands creator, Lars Jensen, creates the perfect balance between Folk music and Extreme Metal. He uses instruments like the Hardanger Fiddle, which I love (well, he has a guest player, Olav Mjelva) and that really gives the album a feel of older times.

And as I’ve said, probably way too many times, for me, music is all about escapism, and this album really does take you away to another world. It also takes me back to the 90s when Norway had a few supergroups on the go… and Myrkgrav can rival anything the likes of Satyr and Fenriz put out back then.

I’d also recommend you check out the 2006 debut, Trollskau, skrømt og kølabrenning, which is actually one of the last physical cds I ever bought (being a digital convert these days).  This album contains a couple of re-recordings from that debut, with Om å danse bekhette and Finnkjerringa both getting a shiny new coat. It also highlights how music a decade apart can sit comfortably side by side.

I submitted my end of year top 10 recently for the Antichrist end of year polls… I jumped the gun by a few days as this definitely serves to be in there too…

If this is the end of Myrkgrav, Lars has definitely gone out on a high

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