Review: Necrot “Mortal” [Tankcrimes]

Review: Necrot “Mortal” [Tankcrimes]

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Oakland California’s Necrot returns with a powerful monument to brutality in Mortal. A blisteringly violent death metal album as ever there was one, Necrot takes the genre to its core elements; keeping things simple and letting the heaviness take center stage.

While not the most technically impressive death metal release that you will hear in your lifetime, Mortal demonstrates a different side of the genre. Necrot delivers a raw and visceral experience, frightening in its ferocity. Foregoing the excessive frills and posturing found in much of the genre, Necrot stands as a monument to the base layer of the death metal sound.

The music is loud and fast and has little in the way of excess. The production mirrors this, creating a dense, angry atmosphere for the listener to stew in. There could be more bass in the mix, but really this is my only complaint.

Necrot produces a sound that is genius in its simplicity. A no frills approach to a sound that is growing to be overly complex with each release. Mortal stands its ground as a primal force, and benefits from it greatly. Give this one a listen. We could be witnessing a revolution in the genre as we speak.

Release date: August 28th 2020

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