Review: Nordheim “RapThor”

Review: Nordheim “RapThor”

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Nordheim “RapThor”
Maple Metal Records

I don’t know this, but my guess is that Canadians Nordheim can’t decide whether to be a joke band or a serious band… and as this is their third album, I guess they should choose which path to take.

Musically, they kick ass. They are unbelievably tight and kill it on the opener, Troll Riding A Raptor as they fire out a catchy brand of Power/Melodic Death/Folk Metal, with a few elements of Black Metal as well.

When they follow this with a song call Boobs and Bacon, which is Symphonic Power Metal meets Death Metal, all the plus points they’ve gained from the opener are wiped out by a shitty (pointless) chorus.

I know, I’m a grumpy old bastard and that I hate most comedic elements in Metal, but if they dropped the “comedy” bits, then they could be a seriously good band (pun intended) as their sound is absolutely spot on.

For me personally, I draw the line around Korpiklaani’s Happy Little Boozer. That song is just about perfect, so you aren’t going to beat it, so focus on what you’re good at… which is this case, is producing the sort of (quality) music that Children of Bodom gave up on after their third album, albeit with a more Pagan/Party Metal edge, as it stands now.

The only track where the fun element works is on I Wish You Were Beer, which is a jaunty Pirate Metal sounding ode to beer.

I could be completely wrong here and everyone else gets the humour… but I just feel it’s a waste of their obvious talent when the subject matters are so throwaway

Right, I’m off to be a grumpy old bastard in a dark corner.

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