Review: Ommadon “End Times”

Review: Ommadon “End Times”

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Ommadon End Times
Dry Cough Records / At War With False Noise / DGRecords / Medusa Crush Recordings

Like a supremely dark and intimidating cloud, the music of Ommadon is something that will encase anything wholesome and positive and destroy it with its sheer power, such is the strength of their music. Over the course of several albums (including 2016s supremely dark self titled album), the Glasgow doom/drone duo combine atmosphere and negativity with a hell of a lot of hypnotic riffs to create something that is majestic and sublime as it is terrifying.

Over the albums two tracks, simply titled “A” & “B”, that are twenty minutes and twenty plus minutes respectively, they combine enough menace and head crushing atmosphere that would shame the vast majority of bands that make or claim to make heavy music. The riffs on here are as menacing and as calculated as a trained killer and the vocals, when they emerge from the depths, sound like unhinged, demonic threats, both of which combine to make an uneasy but captivating atmosphere, to which you cannot help be entranced and cannot and will not stop listening.

The albums pace is monolithically slow paced throughout with the riffs coming in so slow and low that it makes things even heavier as the feedback of those riffs drowns you with their bad vibes and it strikes you that the main strength of a his album and the music of Ommadon is the sheer negativity that erupts from the speakers as it completely consumes you. You may want to escape it but this is music that will not let you and as the album comes to its crushing conclusion, you will wonder what has just hit you.

Even though it is only the two tracks on here, the length of them and their hypnotic nature means that it is definitely an experience, and one that you won’t forget as they pummel you into submission and both tracks take you through the emotional wringer in terms of atmosphere alone.

End Times was mastered by Billy Anderson, a man who knows a thing or two about riffs, drone and the mesmerizing nature of heaviness of music and it’s a match are in heaven as Ommadon simply crush heads and eardrums with what they have come up with here.

This is a collection of music that could not have been more aptly titled and a must listen for fans of the more adventurous side of heavy music, simply put, it is the soundtrack to the end of the world and it sounds absolutely glorious.

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