Review: Panphage “Jord”

Review: Panphage “Jord”

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Panphage “Jord”
Nordvis Produktion

As Sweden melts away its ancient Viking artefacts and bows to a cultural shift that is poison, we have Fjällbrandt of Panphage (ex-Panzerkampf) mourning what was and calling for a return.

Panphage was born in 2005 as a one man musical adventure, releasing many demos and In January 2018 we have been treated to the third Panphage full length release – Jord (meaning soil).

Record label Nordvis seem hell bent (pun intended) on dedication to dark Swedish heritage music – this perfect for Panphage – and I’d be willing to spend quite a few SEK with them. Nordvis is certainly a fitting home for this rumoured swansong album, a worthy resting place. Bandcamp has already sold out of limited edition 12” vinyl which tells you of the interest. So, without further delay; Jord gives us 7 tracks and almost 40 minutes of music. Mid paced to fast riffs, blasting and churning drum machine, synthesised folk music, choir chants and all with a style of recording easy enough in any bedroom. It’s all very demo worthy of a 90’s Black Metal act. BUT – and read carefully because this is a big but – What if I told you that Panphage writes music with such passion it’ll grab you in a minute? It’ll encompass you, make you want to march with him! I know what this guy is singing about even though it’s in Swedish… I don’t even speak Swedish! This is proud, shoulders back, horns in the air music. This IS Folk Black Metal.

A Stand out track for me is Skadinawjo – at the 2 minute mark you can hear where this track is heading with its build up and it’s really beautiful. I admire the pride Fjällbrandt has in the theme and subject and to sum it up Panphage is really listenable and worth your time as a BM fan. Give it a try and you’ll very likely need the back albums quickly, like me.

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