Review: Saiva “Markerna bortom”

Review: Saiva “Markerna bortom”

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Saiva “Markerna bortom”
Nordvis Produktion

Over time, you generally get a rough idea of what kind of music certain labels are going to release. With Nordvis, one of the first things I think of, is nature.

And if you want one album to represent your label as something that conveys your ideals and your sound, then this is as good as any.

The debut album from Saiva was written and recorded in solitude and it harks back to an unspoilt time in history, untouched by the shitty modern world we live in. I have no idea what languages are used, but some parts sound like chanting in an old language.. please excuse my ignorance on the subject… but be it in Sami or some Lapland dialect from the olden days, it just adds depth to what is a wonderfully atmospheric album.

The musical side flows between Folk (which isn’t quite Metal), which conjures up images of sitting around a campfire, with the elders passing on their stories to the younger generations, and not quite Black Metal. You don’t categorise this kind of music, but I do have to explain what the album sounds like. Hence my attempts at pigeonholing.

There are a few guest appearances from like-minded fellow musicians, J. Kaarna (Tervahäät), Austin Lunn (Panopticon) and Erik Gärdefors (Grift). And the highlight for me, is Där vindar vänder, featuring Erik from Grift (who’s amazing new album I’ll be reviewing next week).. but to be honest, I love everything about this album, so I’ll probably choose another track next week.

But what you do with this album, is absorb everything like a sponge. There are so many intricate layers, as well as some sparse passages and some wonderfully uplifting vocals… and I just sit at my desk, looking out over the hills to the back of my house and just smile…

For me, the best music makes you imagine a new world, or offers a peak into another time (or a part of history) which is unobtainable any more. Markerna bortom, does all of that, and so much more.

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