Review: Pestilence “Exitivm” [Agonia Records]

Review: Pestilence “Exitivm” [Agonia Records]

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The cult classic masters of Progressive Death Metal are at it again. Three years ago the album Hadeon infected the soundwaves and brought the band back to the same great sound as my favorite Pestilence album Testimony of the Ancients. Hadeon caught my attention right away with a furious doze of technical madness. It was Pestilence the way I have grown to love them.

With this new album the Dutch maniacs have take the sound of Testimony of the Ancients to its max. While Hadeon had taken the intricate and technical intensity of their old school Prog Death sound, Exitivm has also added the eerie atmosphere that made Testimony stand out. The album starts off with an industrial intro that sets a dystopian and futuristic tone to the whole album. It keeps haunting us throughout the album, both as short interludes and also an extra layer of tension lurking in the background. It fits tremendously with the technical Death Metal and serves as a warning of our impending doom along with both the music and the lyrics.

Musically Pestilence are in their prime here. All the way through the album they show a menacing display of intensity and energy which even newer bands find hard to keep up with. They have taken the old school sound of their classic Testimony of the Ancients along with the early works of Atheist and Nocturnus and brought it, not into the modern world of 2020, but into the future of 2120. Newer bands like Vektor and Cryptosis also seem to have learnt from these guys and adapted the sound of later Pestilence which shows that this cult classic quartet sure have left a mark in metal history.

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