Review: PLEURISY “Experience the Sacrilege”

Review: PLEURISY “Experience the Sacrilege”

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PLEURISY “Experience the Sacrilege”
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Here we have another band which doesn’t exist anymore since few years (as I know). They came just like CREMATION from Netherlands. Well, they live quite near to each other (PLEURISY came from Utrecht and CREMATION from Utrecht province), so they probably know each other.

Both bands played Death Metal, but in my opinion in case of PLEURISY it wasn’t as clear as in the case of CREMATION. In general we hear here of course old-school Death Metal. But I have impression that PLEURISY had a little richer, if I can use this word, influences. I can easily hear here some delicate touch of Black Metal sometimes (rather Greek style) and in “Darkness – Mortification of Flesh” I hear riffs which remind me old good times of PARADISE LOST. Well, to be honest I can hear them also in other songs, but there they’re not as clear as day as in mentioned song. But if someone thinks that tempos here are slow, funeral or how to call it in other way is wrong, even very wrong! Guys play mostly fast, it’s maybe not some NAPALM DEATH’s (old one) or even DEICIDE’s speed, but it’s definitely nothing slow!!! From time to time we have of course some slower parts where we can hear very interesting and melodic in its way riffs.

They’re not too complicated and mostly repeat few times to change in other one. But it’s also not some technical contortion or something like that! It’s very easy to listen to and take a rest with this music, by the way. George’s (Oosthoek) vocal is also something what can be connected with both Death and Black Metal, more with this more melodic kind of this first than this second, but sometimes hell knows why it reminds me in some way ROTTING CHRIST.

In general it’s good album! Maybe even in 1999 it wasn’t anything revelatory and even more cutting-edge, but it’s definitely worth of listening to at least few times. But truth is that “Experience…” has something what makes us willing to listen to it more and more, some of you maybe even will fall in love with that… I think that the most of Old Guardia know and have this album, but these younger ones… They should get it as soon as possible!

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