Review: Poison Rites “Poison Rites”

Review: Poison Rites “Poison Rites”

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Poison Rites “Poison Rites”

Poison Rites is fronted by ex-Speedwolf frontman Reed Bruemmer. Both bands share the same frantic high-energy pace, but the Metal from Speedwolf has been stripped out and replaced with a Punk edged heart. The production has been stripped right back as well, and this really is garage rock at its finest.

This style of garage Rock (N Roll) was invented by the likes of Iggy and the Stooges, circa Search and Destroy, and of course MC5, with Kick Out The Jams and it has been enhanced over the years by advancements in production techniques, as well as a few new drug cocktails. If you’re slightly younger than me (and most people are) you’ll probably think of the 90s sound of the New Bomb Turks or even the Dead Boys, without a Sonic Reducer style chorus.

And that really is what this album is. I can’t dress it up and go into great detail about each song as every song just lets rip from the get go and simply bludgeons it way to its conclusion. It has a cool as fuck retro sound and is a stamina draining 30 minute workout which doesn’t even let you pause for breath.

The band sum the album up perfectly as they end with a cover of Belgium Punk legends, The Kids 1978 track, This Is Rock N Roll….

Quite honestly, this probably won’t appeal to your average Metalhead, but those with broader tastes and a love for bands with a strong DIY ethic will probably dig this.

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