Review: Polyptych “Defying the Metastasis”

Review: Polyptych “Defying the Metastasis”

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polyptych_cover_kopiaPolyptych “Defying the Metastasis”
Blood Harvest

OK, let’s move over the ocean to USA! Near Canada on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan is located Windy City as often is called Chicago. There’re of course other nicknames of this third largest city of whole States, but here’s no place for name them all (or even most of them)! City is very well-known (because of origin of musicians, bands) in Jazz, Blues or Soul world. In Metal one it’s a little less, I guess. The fact is that their roots in Chicago have such Giants of Death Metal as NASTER DEATH STRIKE or even BROKEN HOPE, but… Anyway, now we have one more name to remember and connote with the city – POLYPTYCH. This band hasn’t as long history as mentioned above (even if BROKEN HOPE was long eleven years dead). It started in 2005, but we had to wait seven years for their first release ever. Stuff was called “Portal Engraved” and was full-length. Besides they released “ilusorium” two years later and now we have “Defying…” So as you can see guys need quite a ot of time to create new stuff.

But it’s always better when something takes a little longer time, but is done good than to do it fast, but sloppily, don’t you?!? Anyway, here we have corroboration of this motto, at least in my opinion. Guys call their creativity: Technical Death/Black Metal. Well, I can really very hardly hear here some elements of this second sub-genre of Metal, but… Ass I already said few times. Terms are only terms and if guys use also word “Black“ to describe their music it means that there’s some reason why they do it. For me the most important is if music is good or not and since musicians don’t “discover” some twisted terms which say anything only to be original (coz they just play Death, Thrash…) I don’t care how somebody calls it!


And here we have definitely good music. Of course there’ll be always people who’ll rhetorically ask “What can be good in something so typical?!?” Well, if somebody appreciates in music only what is untypical than should listen to something else than this band. Besides, if somebody will listen really carefully to this stuff than notice that there’re some fresh, own ideas. Music is rather in middle and middle-fast tempos. “Rather” means that we have speed ups (it happens quite often) or some a little slower fragments. Riffs are mostly quite broken and surely twisted. They also changes as often as song’s structure needs it. But in the same time there’re moments in every song that the same riff is repeating few times. We have of course some tin thistles and other technical “tricks” from time to time. Drums also plays also as variable as it’s necessary to make music interesting, but not too complicated and coz of that impossible to listen to. Vocal as vocal – it’s growling. But I’ll don’t use any name of well-known vocalist to compare Scott’s vocal to!

Instead you should take this album, listen to and then we can dispute about it. But I recommend this album not to have more talks on FB and so on, but coz this is really good piece of Death Metal!

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