Review: PREZIR “As Rats Devour Lions” [Godz Ov War Productions]

Review: PREZIR “As Rats Devour Lions” [Godz Ov War Productions]

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As rats Devour Lions is the second release from PREZIR and will be released on 17th September 2018 via Godz of War Productions. The band hails from Wisconsin, USA and here’s what I think of their first full release after 2017’s ‘Contempt’…

Luka Djordevic takes up the classic Black Metal vocals with a rasp that you’ll be familiar with and doubling up often with a good guttural blurt. Rory Heikkila and Tyler Okrzesik are guitarists that can match the speed and ferocity of most musicians whilst Jerry Hauppa on Bass and Drummer Brian Serzynski give the low register a real hammering. All in, a tight and snappy collection of musicians that have a grasp on how to compose music and properly mix the heaviest genres of metal music with easy. Often a track will pick a riff and take it through a journey of genres, one guitar slowly chugging heavy metal licks whilst the other speeds its way through a dark and winding path, both of them meeting, merging and bouncing off of one another.

As Rats Devour Lions contains 8 tracks that last 40 minutes and you do get a good variety within. The mix is verging on great for the type of music, a little dirty but not over the top muddy. A little light on bass but not tinny. I reckon that the band will have worked hard with their engineers to get to this end.

Album artwork is just the type of thing I expect to see in my collection and covers the old school rules of the in your face type. This album focuses in on imperialism and its’ ruin I suppose – see that Laurel leaf headdress? It symbolizes honour, victory and with it a nobleness. To see this depicted on a skull that’s held up as an offering, I imagine what it gets down to is – everyone falls. In the end, even rats can eat lions. Maybe that’s what their track “Serpents in the House of Ra” is all about as well as the title track?

Favourite tracks: “Dar Al Harb” (House of War in Arabic, and refers to all outside the House of Islam) – lyrical theme and the best riffs on the album that take on an Arabic style to highlight their point, make this the killer track – no pun intended. “Hamatsa Death Ritual” is a very close second with its crazy fast lead that comes to an orgasmic climax that just have to be heard again and again! Pro tip – this lead starts at 3:30 and I’ll bet you skip it back and back again. The whole track has a galloping to the drums that will have you smiling while you band your head.

As Rats Devour Lions is a solid release and the more I listen to it the better it is. I’ll look forwards to seeing PREZIRs next release. You can head over to their label Godz of War Productions to pick up a CD copy or mosey on over to Bandcamp to show them some well-deserved support.

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