Review: PRIEST “New Flesh”

Review: PRIEST “New Flesh”

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PRIEST “New Flesh”
Lövely Records

Quite honestly, the only reason this album is getting reviewed is because it’s been made by 2 ex members of Ghost.

In terms of Metal, you’ll find more in a rubber chicken.

But that’s not a problem to me, as away from the world of Metal, I have a couple of electronic based radio shows, via Ghost Wave Radio and Deathrock Radio.

So with that in mind, I might have the slightest clue to what I’m talking about. So when I say this is average, at best, it’s because it’s basically average Synthpop, not because I’m being a musical snob, or a Metal loving Neanderthal.

There are a few high points, including History in Black, which is wonderfully infectious, in a moody downbeat kind of way. I really like Virus, and the opening number, The Pit, as well. But most of the album is throwaway 80s lightweight fluff, that makes Erasure look macho.

I will admit that I like EBM and Industrial over Synthpop, but even with making some allowances for personal taste, this is way too weak to make an impact on me. And it’s mainly down to the varying vocal styles, as I quite like most of the music.

On a positive note though, it’s much better than the crap Ghost churn out these days.

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