Review: Prophecy 23 “Fresh Metal” [Massacre Records]

Review: Prophecy 23 “Fresh Metal” [Massacre Records]

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The band Prophecy 23 or to be exact Prophecy23 was formed in 2001 in Mannheim, Germany. Initially the band was Thrash and Death Metal oriented but gradually Punk and Hardcore took more and more place in the music. The result of this genre mixing is the band’s new fourth album with simple and concise name: Fresh Metal.

Generally it can be said that the band plays some kind of Crossover Thrash Metal, slightly reminding S.O.D. or even Suicidal Tendencies but with certain reservations. There are some Death Metal elements in their music from time to time and occasionally Prophecy23 starts to play some Skate Punk. Consequently this music sounds quite heavy, even brutal sometimes, but still perky and quite various despite its relative simplicity. Two vocalists make the band’s music diverse also: there are Hannes with rough vocals and Luca, which brutally grolws.

In the first song “We Love Fresh Metal” musicians tried to show all what they got: started from chanting, this song continues with short Death Metal attack with blast beats and appropriate vocals and then turns to Hardcore. The same can be said about “Intergalactic Anti Capitalism” with the great work from bassist Jackson: here the band also merges some Death, Thrash and Hardcore elements (it can’t be said that it is absolutely seamlessly but all in all it sounds very solid).

“Prankster” is a typical Crossover Thrash Metal with Theo’s fast drums; in the middle the song goes Hardcore but then it returns to Thrash and stays there till the end. “Mammon” is also made by this pattern, which change the pace a couple of times – it turns out as a heavy and brutal rollercoaster.

Skate Punk, which I mentioned in the beginning is a simple and groovy “No Deep Talks – Just Drinks” and “Caps, Trucks And Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “I Wish I Could Skate”. “Caps, Trucks And Rock ‘N’ Roll” sounds more like Ramones with heavier sound (and the motif that reminds Queen‘s “I Want It All” a lot). “I Wish I Could Skate” also goes Hardcore a little bit, but the chorus sounds like The Offspring from Ixnay On The Hombre times; also surprisingly melodic solo from Phil Butcher.

And the most outstanding songs here are “We Kindly Ask To Shred” и “P Y L”. The first one, with leisurely guitar and bass on the forefront is a nod to Beastie Boys with the combination of recitative, quite heavy sound and punky lyrics. “P Y L” in its turn is a quite simple and rhythmical Nu Metal/Alternative with punkish chanting.

Anyway, as I said, Fresh Metal came out a very fun and cheerful album. Maybe it didn’t brought nothing new to Metal but it still valued because it greatly cheers you up and that’s something importand and needed in our difficult times.

Fresh Metal was released on March, 20 via Massacre Records.

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