Review: Putrisect / Scorched “Final State of Existence” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: Putrisect / Scorched “Final State of Existence” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Putrisect / Scorched “Final State of Existence”
Edged Circle Productions

It’s time for visit on East Coast. Maryland is one of these states which found USA. In general it has very interesting history. Anyway, even if it’s little one it has big significance for whole huge country – also from economic point of view (port of this place is very important for not only city or even state). The largest city and real cultural, educational, economic… center of Maryland is Baltimore. By the way, this city should be known very well to admirers for example of Edgar Allan Poe’s literature. Anyway, to Death Metal fans since now city should be known coz of PUTRISECT. Band is, just like SCORCHED about which I’ll write later, young band – formed year 2013. In meantime they released two stuffs on tapes – “Chaos Awaits” (they call it EP, but in my opinion it’s just a demo) and 3-way tape “Pestilential Winds” with FUNEBRARUM (Clinton, New Jersey) and very important experienced (born as BEYOND in 1988) for Swedish underground scene INTERMENT. Another common thing for PUTRISECT & SCORCHED is music – old school Death Metal.

Well, it’s of course not the same. In case of brigade from Baltimore this is a little more in Dutch style. But touch of Scandinavia is also evident. Tempos are mostly middle what doesn’t mean that guys don’t know how to speed. They do it quite often. It’s accelerated of course first of all by drums. However, guitars (we have two ones here) play maybe not elaborate or technically super advanced, but interested riffs. I’ll never say that they’re in any way schematic or even more primitive! There’s some kind of melody in them, but in the same time they’re brutal enough, maybe even a little more than enough… heheeheheh… Well, the same thing we can say about SCORCHED, anyway. The older band plays maybe in a little more technical way – there’s more tin whistles, owl bass from time to time, a little broken riffs sometimes and even some guitar solos. Well, it doesn’t mean that SCORCHED doesn’t use such devices. Of course that they use it! It takes especially owling bass. But I have impression that to a lesser degree. What else… Well, vocal in both cases is by all means lawful growling. Both Evan Harting (SCORCHED) and Matt Kapa (PUTRISECT) have very big contribution to brutality created by both bands. OH… I almost forget to say that each band present three songs here – Marylanders also intro + outro.

OK, now as I promised few words about SCORCHED. This band was found last year by five guys who live in state which’s bordered to the south and west by mentioned above Maryland. Delaware is second smallest state in the nation, but as we can see it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing interesting – what in our case means lack of active on the scene Metalheads. Anyway, this split is a second stuff recorded by this band. The first one was demo entitled just “Scorched”.  By the way, in some parts both bands resemble in some parts band from my home-city in Poland – MORTIS DEI (HAIL GUYS!!!!). Well, maybe this is some kind of hallucination, but… Check out this band and let me know by my FB.

To sum up that’s very good split and in my opinion everyone who like Death Metal will be satisfied. At least I’m happy that I got possibility to recommend you all this!!! I also think that for many of this split you will be good pretext to get to know creativity of mentioned bands.


(с) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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