Review: Rebaelliun “The Hell’s Decrees” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: Rebaelliun “The Hell’s Decrees” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Rebaelliun “The Hell’s Decrees”
Hammerheart Records

And here’s comes another proof for my thesis which says that there’re only good or very good bands in Brazil and in general Latin America! Well, in this case there’s nothing strange in that. This band presented always high quality. I’ll even don’t afraid to say that it’s one of legends of at least Rio Grande do Sul’s scene. And the fact that band was existed only four years has nothing to do here. Anyway, now after 13 years of non-existence it’s back with new full-laugh.

Hm… Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I in my opinion the fact that they come from the capital and the largest, the most important from educational, cultural, economic and, at least for its residents, football points of view city of mentioned above state (Porto Alegre) is known to everyone. There’s no sense to describe what these devils play. I guess that everyone who thinks that is a fan of Death Metal knows it very well (or at least SHOULD)! Equally empty in my opinion is to list their previous releases and so on.

On “The Hell’s Decrees” we have eight compositions in very well-known style. I mean, style in which band play didn’t change not a bit since their last album “Annihilation”! For me this is very good sign, by the way! Sandro, Fabiano, Ronaldo and Lohy just follow appointed long time ago road. Their Death Metal is brutal as hell and full of technique. Of course this technique is only a means on their anti-Christian crusade apotheosizing annihilation, death and war. I always just loved and adored music like that! It’s impossible to be bored with that! Especially that even the most refined listener who wants to have technical fireworks will find even more than something interesting here (broken riffs, flageolets…). Well, this is real old school Death Metal – also from lyrical point of view! Death Metal mostly in middle tempos – brutality rarely depends on playing with speed of the light it seems. Besides thank to this we can hear better all technique which musicians have. And believe me; guys lost anything from their abilities. This 13 years of break did anything – that’s fuckin’ great album!!!

On the end of this review I can say only one thing: BUY OR DIE IN HELL’S FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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