Review: REJECT THE SICKNESS – The Weight Of Silence

Review: REJECT THE SICKNESS – The Weight Of Silence

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This album is atypical for me not because it’s melodic death, but it’s because it’s a mix of melodic death and metalcore. That shouldn’t be any reason not to like about this album, it’s because it’s just different to me. The music is a mixture of riff-laden rhythms which is cool because it’s a really original sounding release. Them mixing melodic death with metalcore makes the album unique. The fact that this is a combination of the two genres of metal makes it not knowing what to expect in the musical category. I liked this from start to finish, though I think that they could’ve done a little better on the leads. Other than that criticism, the music makes up for it.

Hearing this first digitally made me like it because it dives through all different kinds of guitars, vocals and the production is of sound quality. There seems to be a lot of heart to this. The sounds of the guitars are unique and mostly distorted tone. But there are clean guitars on here, too. They seem to like to change up the tempos here. Mostly it’s distorted guitar riffs and nothing that over exceedingly heavy. This band has a lot of offer the metal community. They’re like I said, atypical but still doggone intriguing to listen to. I like the distorted guitar rhythms and they shift from that to clean, hence the metalcore vibe. I’m not a huge fan of metalcore, but some of it on here is all right.

These guys need to be heard by the masses of metal fans. Their music is quite interesting. A lot of down picked guitar along with tremolo picking overtures as they swing from tempo to tempo. It’s quite interesting that they’re able to do this. The vocals are pretty cool, not really a deep throat sound but hoarse with some clean tone in there. I would give the album a higher rating if the music would’ve stayed consistently intense. The songs are somewhat intense but then like I said, they change it up. The whole album is odd. The melodies are quite swift and the vocals go well along with the guitars. Definitely unique sounds altogether.

If you haven’t heard this band, do yourself a favor and hear them. You’ll probably come to the same conclusion as I, weird but unique. I got these sent to me, I then downloaded them on Spotify and bought the physical CD. If you’re a guitar player, maybe you’d understand some of my jargon about the guitars. If not, there’s always Google. Check them out on Spotify and if you like what you hear, support the band and order the CD. It’s worth it. I know some tracks taper off sounding out of place, but overall this album is a “B” to me. I liked it enough and gave it a fair shake. Check them out, they’re really strange but different and I mean that in a good way.

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