Review: Reserving Dirtnaps “Another Disaster” [WAR Records]

Review: Reserving Dirtnaps “Another Disaster” [WAR Records]

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Exploding with the power of a million (give or take) atom bombs, Reserving Dirtnaps unleashes Another Disaster on a world that desperately needs it. Fueled by only the most righteous of anger and frustration, Reserving Dirtnaps condense exactly what we’re all feeling into four tight tracks of high quality hardcore that almost make this apocalypse we face worth it.

Another Disaster takes on a world of grief and despair with the ferocity of a people simply fed up. Recorded live (in studio) to capture the full force of the band’s performance, this EP encapsulates the raw emotion festering inside of us all this hellish year.

For a live recording the mix sounds amazing, with each instrument given its space to breath and shine. There is a beautiful amount of crunch to everything that really exemplifies the passion going into each of these songs.

There is hate and anger here, but there is positivity. This is a purge. This is exorcism. I wish there were more to say. At eleven and a half minutes, my one complaint is that there isn’t more. I’ve been listening to this thing on repeat all day and I don’t plan on stopping. If you’re alive in the 2020, than this album is for you. Give it a listen. Let some rage out. It’ll do you good.

Release date: August 21st, 2020

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Peter Morsellino

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